Quality and environment

Universal Cerámicas S.L. (UNICER) is a company located in the municipality of Alcora, Castellón, Spain. It has been dedicated to manufacturing ceramic tiles for over 40 years.

UNICER is committed to its clients, shareholders and society; establishing, documenting and maintaining an up-to-date Quality and Environment Management System which guarantees compliance with the law in force on environmental matters by means of a Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standards, as well as ensuring that the client's needs are identified and their expectations are met. By applying this Management System, we guarantee continuous improvement in relation to environmental protection and process quality management.

UNICER will continue to its aim of reducing, and in so far as possible, avoiding and/or suppressing the different types of present contamination, by applying a continued environmental improvement, focused on reducing the environmental impact within a financially viable use of the best technology available.
UNICER’s policy is to provide the framework to establish and review objectives and goals in relation to quality and environmental matters. To guarantee this, the company takes on the following commitments:

• Train and create awareness among employees, suppliers and clients in order to reduce environmental impact, ensuring they are aware of this policy and take part in it.
• Establish action plans which are adapted to the identified nature, magnitude and environmental impact.
• Direct environmental management towards reducing atmospheric emissions, dangerous waste storage and noise levels.
• The necessary measures will be adopted in order to assess the environmental repercussions of the activities, product and service, under normal conditions and minimise them in the event of an emergency, cooperating with the authorities.
• Collaborate with the Government with a view to promote environmental improvements.
• Comply with all legal requirements in relation to quality and environmental matters which affect the company’s activities, as well as any other requirement which the company may voluntarily endorse.

UNICER’s Policy is available for all employees, clients and the general public to view and, therefore, understand the environmental repercussion of our activity.

The Manager is responsible for facilitating any means necessary for the application and control of the Policy’s effectiveness.

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  •   Kitchens

    Your need to leave behind the classic, traditional style has inspired us to offer a new line of tiles and porcelain tiles for  interiors decorations that will not leave you indifferent. Whatever colour, texture or design you choose, each piece of ceramic will mark its own style and rise over any other decorative elements of your home.

    Decorating  walls and floors becomes an art thanks to original mosaics, creative murals with embossed ceramic tiles, decorative panels with multicoloured tiles or decorative facings in rustic style that fit together as genuine puzzles.
  •   Design

    Ceramics will create wonderful and spectacular optical effects on your walls while playing with light and radiating metal reflections that capture your attention.

    New technologies allow us to create a line of decorative ceramic tiles that stimulate our senses. Thus, this becomes the ultimate solution to create unique environments where avant-garde style takes power and faces the walls of your home with proposals to decorate lounges or rooms. In fact, you can make your home unique with little imagination and a bit of good taste.
  •   Bathrooms

    With the new designs of bathrooms you will discover the secret of the latest trends in decorative porcelain that will change your view of interiors decoraion. White tiles of different tonalities gain special prominence while being combined with a wide range of decorative tiles of different designs and textures, as well as with high quality porcelain floors.
  •   In order to design your bathroom, ceramics

    It is the most used aesthetic resource due to its versatility when being combined with any decor such as rustic decor with faux slate pieces and natural stones; classic decor with artistic tiles, decorative borders and traditional mosaics ; and avant-garde decor with low relief tiles of intense and vivid colours that sprinkle onto the walls as if they were floating on air.

    Pure white magic becomes the best idea to light up your home, a way of escape, a tone that leaves open the possibility of playing with colours to create very different rooms with facings and floor tiles hat transform the darkest bathrooms into wide and bright spaces.
  •   Murals

    Renewing the image of your home has never been so original and creative. You can decorate the walls of your lounge or rooms, kitchen or bathroom with ceramic tiles that reborn and put an end to the traditional style of tiles.

    If you want something completely different for your home, if you want full of style and colour stunning designs for environments, then face your walls with the best models in decorative facings. Tiles and floor tiles inspired by the most avant-garde styles and of the highest level in decoration will create ceramic tile murals that pervade with mobility and futurism every area of your home.

  •   Multiple compositions, imagine your own space

    The perfect way to end the monotony in decorating rooms and lounges is to create cerámic murals ceramic murals on the walls with up-to-date avant-garde tiles. Forget the typical painted walls, break with the established ideas and design your own space. You'll enjoy all your senses without leaving your home.

    This new collection of ceramic tiles will allow you to create subtle reliefs and optical effects that fool the eye. This series plays with the senses and stands out as the ultimate solution to decorate your walls.

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